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Founder and owner of Joy Lee Archery Academy

USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach
-Easton Sports Development Foundation / Archery Program
-Coach for Resident Athletes Archery program at US Olympic Training Center

As a wife, I am married to the most incredible man, Kisik Lee (Team USA Head Coach). My husband is the most successful archery head coach in the history of the game, helping to collect dozens of Olympic medals for Teams USA, Australia and Korea.

As a mother, I have raised two wonderful children as successful dentists in Australia and as contributing members of the society.

As an Archery Coach, I built my success along with my husband to build youth programs throughout the US. It is my sincere hope that my footprints will serve as a corner stone in producing future champions in archery with upstanding characters.

Lastly, as a believer in Christ, I wish to leave my legacy as someone who has struggled at times but stayed true in HIS faith.

JLAA-Joy Lee Archery Academy JLAA-Joy Lee Archery Academy