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Archery is a sport that is becoming immensely popular throughout the world today. Its popularity has increased due to recent Hollywood blockbusters such as The Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings. Characters such as Hawkeye from The Avengers and Darly from the Walking Dead are also contributing to the recent insurgence in recognition and captivating the interests of viewers of all ages.

The sport of archery is not only fun, it comes with added benefits. Learning archery helps to improve character control, concentration, patience, and self-discipline. For the youth archers, this experience will be valuable for personal growth but also for college preparation. Due to limited access to youth archery academies in U.S., the sport of archery is relatively less vigorous in competitions in comparison to other more popular sports; therefore, the path to State and National rankings can be achieved with proper guidance. That is where the JLAA coaching staff comes in. With proper coaching and committed dedication and hard work by the archer, the archers today can become possible Olympians tomorrow.

Coaching certification can also be achieved from the age of 15 by attending one of our coaching certification classes provided by Team USA head Coach, Kisik Lee and his staff, certified by USA Archery. Exclusive private lessons can be arranged for intermediate and tournament ready archers with Team USA head coach, Kisik Lee as an added benefit for joining JLAA.

Joy Lee

USA Archery level 3 NTS Coach and founder of JLAA

JLAA-Joy Lee Archery Academy JLAA-Joy Lee Archery Academy